3 Ways to Execute your Apps Script Code

Welcome !

In this blog I am going to show you how to run your Google Apps Script in 3 ways.

So let’s get started.

We are going to run our Google Apps Script in the following 3 ways:

(1) Using custom menus : With a few lines of code we are going to create custom menus to run specified functions

(2) Macros : We are going to create macros and assign the function to it. To run a macro, we will specify the shortcut that we are going to use.

(3) Insert Images : Here we are going to add images using the insert function and assign the function that we want to run.

I hope you have understood how to run your Apps Script Code in 3 different ways. Do let me know what else you would like to learn about the same and I will be happy to cover that in future sessions.

Do write to me on aryanirani123@gmail.com with you feedback and comments.

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