Courses Completed this week : April 13,2021

Crash Course on Python

This is the first course of the Google IT Automation Using python.

  • This course starts out by giving you an introduction to programming and automation, followed by diving into the basics of python.
  • Next we learn some basic syntaxes in python and making a small calculator.
  • Next we learn about data types in python.
  • Then we learn how to write our python code using functions.
  • Next we dived into conditional statements, comparison operators, loops and how to write them in python.
  • Then we learn the most important data types like strings list and dictionaries, and how to use them in python.
  • Week 5 is all about Object oriented programming, where we are taught about classes and functions.
  • Week 6 is the final project where we use all the knowledge and skills that we learnt into a real life project.
  • The course is divided into 6 weeks, each having a valuable lesson.
  • The total duration of the course is 32 hrs.

My Takeaways :

  1. This course explains us why python is used in automation.
  2. Next we wrote some python scripts to perform some automated actions that gave me an understanding how python can be used in automation.
  3. Next we learnt some fundamental concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
  4. Learnt a whole new bunch of python data structures such as lists, strings and dictionaries.
  5. The last project helped me channel my knowledge and skills into a real-life project.

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