Courses Completed this week: April 23,2021

Introduction to Git and GitHub

This is the third course of Google IT Automation Using Python.

  • This course starts out by giving you an introduction to Version control.
  • Next we are introduced to Git and how to use git locally on your machine. Also we learn some important commands to work with git on our machine. Next we learn about branching and merging.
  • Then we dive into GitHub, by learning some basics about GitHub. Next we learnt how update the local repository.
  • In the last week we learn how collaborate with others on GitHub. We learnt how to manage collaboration, tracking issues, additional tools, etc.
  • The course is divided into 4 parts, followed by a lab on Qwiklabs and each having a valuable lesson.
  • The total duration of the course is 19 hrs.

My Takeaways :

  1. This course gave me an introduction to run git locally.
  2. Learnt how to create a repository on GitHub and learn how to collaborate on the same repository.
  3. Each lab after a week really helped me use the skills I learnt in a real project.
  4. The last project helped me use my knowledge in using GitHub in a real life project.

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