Create a Quiz with Google Forms

Welcome! In this blog post, I am going to show you how to create a quiz in Google Forms. I am going to explain to you by creating a Math quiz. So let’s get started.

First go to and create a Google Form by clicking the plus sign.

After clicking the plus sign, it will take you to a blank form. Now to convert a Google Form to a quiz you have to click on the Settings icon , next to the Send button at top right of the site.

When you click on Settings , you will see the following options.

Click on the Quizzes option to enable the quiz feature by selecting the “Make this a quiz” button shown below.

Create questions as shown below and provide the text and different options that could be selected as the right answer, as shown below:

You will see something like this below every question since you have enabled the quiz feature.

Using this feature, you can assign points to the question and also select the correct answer.Click on the answer key option that will show you something like this.

Here you have to select the correct answer by clicking on it. For example, the answer for this question is 1, so I am going to select the option 1 .After this, if you want to assign some points to it, you can click on points and set it to your requirements.

Here I have selected the correct answer and also assigned 10 points to it . When the students will be answering the question, they will be able to see the points assigned to the respective question.

I have created several questions and now my form is ready for the students and share it with the students. Now I am going to explain the benefit of the Answer Key feature. Once the form is submitted by the student, theye will see something like this.

To check how much he/she has scored, they need to click on the View Score button.

They will see something like this. When they scroll down they will see something like this.

Here the students can automatically know their results.

Once all the responses have come in, the teacher can see the performance of the students in one go via the Google Sheets that collects all the responses from the student.

This reduces the work of the teacher and now he/she just has to look at the score section and give the results.

In this blog post, we did the following:

  • Create a quiz with Google Forms
  • Check the responses and view the marks secured by the students.

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