Create a Simple Expense Tracking App Using Google AppSheet — Part1

  1. In the first part, I will show you how to create the app and make your first expense entry in it.
  2. In the second part I will show you how to organise and beautify the entries made by the user, and how to export a csv file with all the entries in it.

Step1: Sample Google Sheet:

  1. Timestamp
  2. User’s Email Address
  3. Category
  4. Name of the Expenditure
  5. Amount Spent

Step2: Create the App:

  1. Click on Data.
  1. Click on UX
  • First go to the data section and click on the Columns tab.
  • After clicking on the Columns tab, you have to click on the spending which will show you all the data and their details, such as data type,etc.
  • Here we have to change the Category part, so click on the edit button next to Category.
  • On clicking the edit button you will be shown the properties of the column.
  • Here we have to change the data type to Ref, so that it can take the Category sheet for reference.
  • After clicking reference, it will ask you for the sheet name, in that you have to select the Category sheet.
  • After doing this, click on Done, and then go ahead and save it.
  • After saving it. Go to the app preview and click on the plus sign.
  • Click on the plus sign.
  • Now enter the email address, select the category, enter the name of the expenditure and then specify the amount spent.
  • After entering the details click on save. After clicking save you will see something like this.
  • Here you can see that the expense has been added.



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