Create a Vehicle Service App Using Google AppSheet Part — 2

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In the last blog we learnt how to create the app and also made our first service order . In this blog I am going to show you how to filer data for specific users , where the manager of the service centre should be able to see the data of all users .

So let’s get started.

This is what the third sheet looks like. The third sheet contains the email address of the managers .

In order to add the third sheet, follow these steps:

(1) Click on Data .

(2) Next you have to click on the Tables button .

(3) Next you have to click on the plus sign that says New Table .

(4) Next you have to specify the spreadsheet and then select the sheet you want to add.

(5) After doing this click on Add This Table .

Here you can see that the manager’s sheet has been added to the app .

Now we have to filter data for a specific user.This means that the user will only see the service order that he has placed. But on the other hand the manager will be able to see all the service orders placed by the users. In order to do that, follow these steps :

  • Click on Security .
  • Then click on Security Filters .
  • Here you can see all the sheets on which you can apply security filters . here we have to click on Inspections .
  • You will see something like this .
  • In the Security filter section, paste this .
OR(IN(USEREMAIL(), Managers[Email]), USEREMAIL() =  [Enter your Email Address])

Here the app will check whether the email address is present in the manager’s sheet, or is it in the Enter you Email Address tab . If it is in the Manager’s sheet, then the app will show all the service orders placed , else it will only show you the service orders placed by you .

This is how you can filter data for a specific user .

This is all for this blog. I hope you have understood how to create a Vehicle Service App . You can send your feedback on

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