Getting started with RSS FeedParser

Installing FeedParser

  1. Open your Terminal(if you are using a Mac) and Command Prompt(if you are using a Windows.
  2. On opening the terminal you need to make sure, you have pip installed on your computer in order to install FeedParser.
  3. After checking all the requirements go ahead and paste in the following command, pip install feedparser.
  4. On entering the command you will see the following output.

What is RSS FeedParser?

Build a basic FeedParser

Get the Structure of the website

import feedparser
url = ""
NewsFeed = feedparser.parse(url)
entry = NewsFeed.entries[0]print(entry.keys())

Get the Title of Posts

import feedparserurl = ""NewsFeed = feedparser.parse(url)entry = NewsFeed.entries[0]print("Post Title: ", entry.title)



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