Google Classroom Training

Hello everyone, I am Aryan Irani. I am delighted to release my video tutorial series on Google Classroom .

I am going to walk you through Google Classroom playing the role of a maths teacher. In this series I am going to teach you how the teachers can use google Classroom effectively.

Through my videos, I will show you how you as a teacher can create a class, share study materials, give assignments and interact with students.

I am excited to share my knowledge, so let’s get started……..

Update History:

  • August 2020 : Added tutorial on Quiz Assignments in Google Classroom
  • July 2020 : Added tutorial on Google Forms
  • June 2020 : Added tutorial on Google Classroom Rubrics

Video 1 : Google Classroom Training : Course Introduction

Google Classroom Training: Introduction

Video 2: Google Classroom Training : Session1

Video 3 : Google Classroom Training : Session2

Video 4: Google Classroom Training : Session3

Additional Blog posts in the series:

If you are a teacher interested in Google classroom, please share your feedback on the video series. Do let me know what else you would like to learn about the same and I will be happy to cover that in future sessions.

Do write to me on with your feedback and comments.

Currently pursuing B Tech at MPSTME. Technical Blogger, interested in Google Workspace. Hope to remain a life long student. Created a course on Google Classroom

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