My Packt Articles

Aryan Irani
2 min readOct 24, 2023


I guess you are wondering why I wasn’t uploading any new articles on my medium for a while. This is because I recently began a new technical writing journey with a company called Packt Publishers.

This blog just lists down all my writings for Chartmat. These blogs are highly detailed Generative AI and Google PaLM blogs. Each blog productivity tools built using Google Workspace and Google Bard.

  1. Generate Google Doc summaries using PaLM API and Google Apps Script

— This blog solves the issue of generating summaries inside Google Docs. In this blog we learn how to use the power of Google Bard to summarise paragraphs inside of Google Docs, using the PaLM API and Google Apps Script.

2. Duet AI for Google Workspace

— This blog looks at all the amazing productivity tools that come with Duet AI for Google Workspace. We look at each tool with an example that helps us understand the tool better.

3. Build a Language Converter using Google Bard

— This blog looks at how we can easily convert languages inside of Google Sheet using Google Bard. You can now translate languages inside of your Sheet using the PaLM API and Google Apps Script.

These were the latest blogs I have written around the PaLM API, Google Workspace and Google Apps Script for Packt.

You can check out Packt for more updates around topics like Generative AI, ChatGPT, Google Bard and more.