Send out Google Classroom Enrollment Codes using YAMM

In one of my previous blogs I had shown you how to Bulk create Google Classroom using Google Apps Script. In that blog we created Google Classroom’s using the data from the Google Sheet using Google Apps Script. Further into the blog we wrote some code to paste the enrollment code into the Google Sheet.

Now that we the classes have been created and the enrollment codes are ready, it’s time to send them to the students. Doing this manually will be a very hectic task. To reduce the work of the teacher, we are going to use the VLOOKUP formula and YAMM to send out the emails.

Step1 : Sample Google Sheet

The Google Sheet that we will be using in this blog contains the name and the email address of the students spread among different classes.

Entering the enrollment code for each student will take a long time, hence we are going to use the VLOOKUP formula in Google Sheets.

What is the VLOOKUP function ?

Vertical lookup searches down the first column of a range for a key and returns the value of a specified cell in the row found.

This is the format for the VLOOKUP function, that contains the following parameters:

  1. search_key = value to be searched
  2. range = range for the search
  3. index = column index of the value to be returned
  4. [is_sorted] = indicated whether the specified column to search is sorted or not.

Using this formula we are going to specify the class that student is assigned to, followed by the range to be searched and the enrollment codes column number and in the end FALSE ,since the range is not sorted.

Note: If you leave the is_sorted section blank, the default value TRUE will be set. Hence, don't leave the is_sorted section blank.

Step2 : Apply the Formula

Now that the data is ready, it’s time to add the formula to the Google Sheet. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell where you want to apply the formula

2. To apply the formula start by typing VLOOKUP( that will bring up the formula.

3. The first parameter that we pass in the formula is the name of the class. This is the value that will be search in the sheet.

4. Next we have to pass the range in the formula. We are getting data from the second sheet, so first comes the name of the sheet followed by the range that needs to be searched through.

5. Next we have to pass the column number from which the value has to be returned.

6. After the column number, we are going to type in FALSE since our data is not sorted.

On clicking enter, you will see that the Enrollment code for the given class has been as shown below.

To apply the formula to all the cells below just click on the blue box and drag it down.

Here you can see all the enrollment codes have come into the Google Sheet.

Step3: Send out the Enrollment Codes

Now that we have got all the codes in the Google Sheet, it’s time to send the emails out using YAMM.

What is YAMM?

YAMM(Yet Another Mail Merge) is an easy to use Mail merge where you select a draft created in Gmail and replace all the variables from a Google Sheet. It will send automatic personalized emails to the contacts specified in the spreadsheet.

Step4: Install the Yet Another Mail Merge Add-on

Before we get into creating the draft for the email, we have to install the YAMM add-on to our Google Sheet. To install the Add-on follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add-ons and click on Get Add-ons.

2. The Google Workspace Marketplace will come upon clicking Get add-ons.

3. Search YAMM and click on the first option and then click on install

4. On clicking install, accept all the requirements and the Add-on will get added to your Google Sheet.

Step5: Create your Email Draft

To create the draft, you have to follow the same steps that you follow to write an email. To create your draft, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Compose and start writing your email draft.
  3. We have to replace the variables in the draft with the data in the Google Sheet. To do that you need to specify the column names that you want to replace in the draft like this.

4. Here I have done the following:

  • Here I wanted to put the name of the student in the beginning of the email, so I put in the column name where the names are stored.
  • The same is for all the other variables that I have called in the email draft.

5. After you are done creating the draft, save and close the draft.

Step6: Send the Emails

Now that we have installed the YAMM Add-on, created the email draft, its time to send out the emails. To send out the emails, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Add-ons and click on Yet Another Mail Merge and start the mail merge.

2. On clicking Start Mail Merge, it will bring up a box where you need to put in some details.

Here you need to specify the sender name, followed by the email template that you want to use.

Now that we have added all the features that we need, let’s send out the emails. You have the following options:

  1. Send all the emails
  2. Schedule the emails
  3. Send a test email to check whether everything works fine.

For now we are going to go ahead and send the emails by clicking on Send 10 Emails.

Step7: Check the Emails

Here you can see on successful execution the emails have been sent and all the details have come in properly.


In this blog we saw how to send out bulk emails using the YAMM. We started out by using the VLOOKUP formula to get the enrollment codes into the Google Sheets. Next we installed the YAMM Add-on followed by adding some settings and then send the emails. I hope you have understood how to send you the Enrollment Codes using YAMM. You can send your feedback to




Currently pursuing B Tech at MPSTME. Technical Blogger, interested in Google Workspace. Hope to remain a life long student.

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Aryan Irani

Aryan Irani

Currently pursuing B Tech at MPSTME. Technical Blogger, interested in Google Workspace. Hope to remain a life long student.

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