Summary of Blogs, Tutorials and Courses of 2023 — Aryan Irani

Aryan Irani
3 min readDec 31, 2023


As another year comes to and end, I have once again decided to note down all my blogs, videos, trainings in the past year. This has been another amazing year for me academically and professionally. I have written a similar blog for 2022, you can check that out by clicking on the link below.

I successfully completed all my engineering exams and even did a full 6-month internship. I am constantly helping people out with Google Workspace automation by building them solutions and giving live trainings.

This year began my public speaking journey where I spoke at the Cloud Community Days Mumbai and various other seminars. I started my DevFest journey where I spoke at the Bangalore and Kolkata Devfest this year.

You can check out all of my live trainings and session by clicking on the links below. These sessions talk about App Development using Google AppSheet, Generative AI, PALM API, Google Apps Script and more.

In July, I completed 2000 subscribers and in December my YouTube channel crossed 300,000 views. Additionally, I completed 400 followers on medium.

Here is the collection of Blogs and Videos I have written in the year 2023.


  1. Machine Learning with Google Sheets
  2. 8 Useful Google Docs Features Every Editor Needs to Know
  3. Share Google Drive File Access Automatically using Google Apps Script
  4. Automate Google Doc Reports generation using Google Apps Script
  5. Automate sending emails from Google Sheets using Google Apps Script


  1. Build an Automated Email workflow using Google Apps Script — Part1
  2. Build an Automated Email Workflow using Google Apps Script — Part2
  3. My Charmat Articles


  1. Embed Google Apps Script web app into your Website


  1. Generate Google Maps Links using a simple Google Sheet Formula
  2. Integrating AI in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script: How to Pass Prompts to ChatGPT
  3. From Point A to Point B: How to Use Google Apps Script to Calculate Distance and Time in Google…


  1. Automating Blog Summarisation with Google Apps Script, ChatGPT, and


  1. Create Instant Summaries in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide with OpenAI API and


  1. Getting started with PaLM 2 — Introduction
  2. Extend the capabilities of PaLM API with Google Apps Script


  1. Let Bard Answer Your Questions from Google Sheets with the PaLM API and Google Apps Script


In the month of April, I had a chance to start my public speaking journey at the Cloud Community Days Mumbai 2023, where I talked about converting Google Sheets into fully functioning apps using Google AppSheet.

In the month of February, I became a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace.

This year I even spoke at two DevFests on Generative AI, Google AI Studio (Formerly known as MakerSuite) and the Gemini API(PALM API).

Hope you enjoyed reading this year’s recap as much as I enjoyed it. I am currently working on interesting courses that will be coming out in 2024. Stay tuned for the latest updates.