They Don’t Dwell On The Past-Part 7

“We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present.” -Marianne Williamson

Gloria was a hardworking fifty-five year old woman who had been referred to counseling after she told her doctor what she was going through. She had a twenty-year old daughter who had recently moved back with her.

Her daughter would often move in and move out of her house. As soon as she would find a boyfriend she would move in with him, and as soon as it would not work out she would move in back with her mother.Gloria’s daughter was unemployed and was not actively looking for work. She would spend most of her time watching TV and surfing the internet. She would not help Gloria in the house work or clean up. Although she would do this, Gloria would always welcome her daughter.

She would always think that it was all her fault, as she was never able to give her daughter the childhood she deserved, due to her divorce. After the divorce, Gloria tried dating other men, but in the end they did not end up as good role-models for her daughter. Now Gloria was going through stress. She went for therapy and soon she realised that the main cause for ehr stress was her daughter’s future. The therapist told Gloria that she would have to forgive herself and stop dwelling on the past and move forward.

After a few weeks, Gloria set some rules in the house. She told her daughter that if she did not look for a job, she would start taking rent. Within a few weeks Gloria’s daughter was able to find a job. Soon she could see changes in both her life as well as her daughter’s life.

This is how the author Amy Morin tells us that by giving up on the sad past, we can achieve great things in the future. She also tells us that at some point in life due to your past, you wish you could press the rewind button so you could redo portions of your life. But instead of that we should forget about the past and work on the future……..

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