They Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks -Part 6

“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The author starts out by introducing Dale who had worked as a high school shop teacher for almost thirty years. He was not all that passionate about his work now. He dreamed about more flexibility, freedom, and money he could gain from opening his own furniture store. Her wife did not like this idea of Dave.

The dream of opening his own business certainly was not the first time Dale had an idea. He had once dreamed of living on a sailboat. Once he wanted to open a bed-and-breakfast in Hawaii. He had never thought of attempting any of his ideas.

As Dale was not able to fulfil his dreams, he would feel depressed and defeated.He sought counseling because he was now no more enjoying his job. He had taken a huge risk by investing money in real estate lost a lot of money.After a few therapy sessions he confessed that he wanted to open a furniture shop, but he was terrified at giving up a stable job.

Within a few weeks, Dale decided to make a firm decision, by opening his business on a part-time basis. He would make furniture on nights and weekends in his garage. He had decided to sell his furniture online through the newspaper. After a few more therapy sessions, he was more firm towards his goal. Since he was enjoying making furniture, he started enjoying teaching at school…..

He now was enjoying his life and now he was now no more feeling defeated and depressed.This is how Dale took a slight risk in improving his life. This is how the author Amy Morin tells us that to make our life better we require to take a small amount of risk.

Currently pursuing B Tech at MPSTME. Technical Blogger, interested in Google Workspace. Hope to remain a life long student. Created a course on Google Classroom

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