They Don’t Focus On Things They Cannot Control-Part 4

We Should Always keep our focus Clear……

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. -MAYA ANGELOU

In this fourth blog post of mine, I will be talking about the third chapter of this book titled ‘They Don’t Focus On Things They Cannot Control’

The author begins by introducing James who was upset with his ongoing custody battles with his ex-wife over their daughter.The judge had given primary custody to Caren(his ex-wife)and that only allowed James to meet his daughter on Wednesday evenings and weekends.Caren was always trying to upstage him or win over him by giving whatever the daughter would ask for, but James could not keep up with her. Caren would constantly spoil her by allowing her to stay up at night and do everything whatever she wished for.

The author now talks about the structure of James and his problems. James is concerned about his daughter, and constantly tries to do something to help his daughter, even though he knows that he can do nothing about it. This is what the author is trying to tell us, that if you can do nothing about a problem then you should look at it from a different angle. If you look at it from James angle it is perfect. Instead of wasting time trying to get his daughter back, he could enjoy the time with his daughter.

This is how the author gives us an example and tells us about how James made it better for himself by focusing on things he could control.

The author Amy Morin also explains why James did what he was doing. She tells us that he was guilty about his divorce as he wanted his daughter to grow up in a stable house.He was feeling guilty and so do we…….

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