They Don’t Give Up After The First Failure — Part 10

“Winners are not afraid of losing. …

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Susan came for therapy as she was not feeling happy in her life anymore. She was happily married and had a beautiful two year old daughter. She was a receptionist at the local school and her husband was just doing fine financially. Susan was feeling selfish, for not feeling happier, even though everything was going good.

After the first few therapy sessions, she revealed that she always wanted to be a teacher. She had a chance to study at a university. The university was a few hours from her house, but she would feel miserably homesick. She was painfully shy and was not able to make friends easily. So due to these problems she dropped out of college. After returning back from college, she started working as a receptionist and since then she was working.

Now Susan knew what the problem is and now needed a solution. The therapist asked her that in order to complete her dream of becoming a teacher, she told her that she could go back to college now. She said that she was too old to go back to college. But then Susan changed her mind when the therapist told her that there was a ninety four year old woman who did her high school diploma.

She thought that she would fail again, because she thought that she would fail again like she did before. After more sessions, she started finding colleges and soon started signing up. Soon she began taking classes and then she told the therapist about what she had missed out. She got motivated and soon she could sense the hope of her future and new outlook of life.

This is how Amy Morin tells us how Susan got out of the thought that failing for the first time does not guarantee you that you will fail the second time. She also tells us that we should only participate in activities that we can excel in. She also tells us that we should keep all the thoughts of failure away, as they are very unsettling.

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