They Don’t Make The Same Mistakes Over And Over — Part 8

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

-John Powell

Kristy came to the therapy office with the same problem all mothers have. She said that she had a college degree and was smart enough not to shout at her fellow-workers, but she could not stop shouting at her kids.

Everyday in the morning she would make a promise that she would not shout at her kids, but at the end of the day she would be finding herself shouting at her kids. She was feeling very frustrated because her kids would not listen to her. When she would come back home from a long day of work, she would find her kids watching TV or playing video games. She would then yell at them and make them do their chores and homework. She knew that shouting at her kids was not the right thing to do, but she was helpless. She was not able to get her kids under control.

Kristy spent the next couple of sessions working on her problems. Soon she found a solution to her problem, if her kids would not listen to her, she would follow it with a consequence. Whenever she would see that she was shouting on her kids, she would step back and stay calm and then give them a warning and if they would not listen, she would follow it with a consequence. This strategy started working well, as soon as her kids would not listen to her, she would take their electronics.

This is how Kristy followed the therapist’s advice and did not make the same mistake over and over. The author Amy morin tells us that we don’t learn everything the first time. But there are steps that we can use to avoid them, like how Kristy did. She also tells us that we should have a written plan to prevent repeating the same mistake. We should also practice self discipline…..

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