They Don’t Shy Away From Change— Part 3

In this third blog post of mine, I will be talking about the third chapter of this book titled ‘They do not Shy from Change’

In this chapter the author tells us about how mentally strong people are not scared of or fear change. The author explains how people shy away from change by giving us a few real life examples.

She starts with ‘Richard and his problems with health’. Richard had come with the problem of being 75 pounds overweight at the age of 44. He had decided that everyday after work he would go to the gym. But that idea of exercise was always pushed to next day due to his tiredness after his day at work. He later got to know that he was diagnosed with diabetes, which made him realise that he has to stop eating junk. He started out by throwing all his junk food out but within two days he realised that he was back to eating junk. He realised that he had gone back to what he was doing before.

He and his wife then started taking this process slowly by cooperating. They decided that he would go to the gym 3 days a week. Slowly he could notice a change, but his sugar level in his blood was still high. Now, whenever he wanted a snack he would opt for a healthier snack. Slowly he changed and now has managed to lose weight and lower the sugar level in his blood.

This is how Richard worked towards changing himself, but he realised one thing that change does not happen at once. It is a slow process and it takes time…..

Later in this chapter the author has told us about the types of changes.They are as follows:

(1)All or nothing change

(2)Habit change

(3)Try something new

(4)Behavioural Change

(5)Emotional Change

The author also tells us that we cannot associate a change with respect to day or year (The new Year resolution). Then she brings our attention towards the various stages of change, and explains that with series of examples

Then she makes the chapter more understandable by giving us various examples like Tiffany and his money issues, Andrew and his low paying Job, Mary and her path to raising funds.

All these examples show us that during change there will be discomfort. This is how the author explains how strong people work hard to change and it is no short cut for change.

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