They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone-Part 5

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoners. — LAU TZU

The author begins by introducing us to Megan, who had come to the therapy office as she was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. She was 35 years old, and had been married and had two kids. She strived to be a good mother and wife, but she always felt that something was left out. The more Megan talked to the therapist, the more it became clear that she was a woman who could not say no. She was out to please everyone, whether it was making muffins for the church or driving the children home, she was unable to say no.

Megan often used to baby-sit her sister’s kids so that she would not have to spend money on a babysitter. She also had cousin who would always call when she needed something like cash or some favours. Soon Megan stopped answering her cousin’s calls because she was unable to say no to any favours were asked from her. Soon Megan realised that saying yes to extended family meant saying no to her immediate family. She had realised that her biggest fear was that if she says no, what would people think about her.

Megan was not sure of saying no without giving a reason, she thought that if she would not lie about a reason they would have a doubt her. But later on she realised that giving a reason for everything is not required. Since she started saying no to people she was getting more time to spend with her family and now she was feeling less stressed out.

This is how the author gives us an example and tells us that there is no need to please everyone. Megan was always saying yes to everyone because she felt that people would think bad about her.

The author gives us other examples about how Angela tries to please men she goes on a date with, Janes attempts to make Sally happy by going for shopping every week. It is impossible to make everyone happy around you. You will lose sight of what is right and wrong if you please everyone……

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