Working with Files in Python

Print the number of lines in the txt file

# READ FILEdf = open("file1.txt")# read fileread =
# count number of lines in the fileline = 1for word in read:
if word == '\n':
line += 1
print("Number of lines in file is: ", line)

Print the count of each word in the file

text = open("file1.txt", "r")d = dict()
for line in text:
line = line.strip()
line = line.lower()
words = line.split(" ")

for word in words:
if word in d:
d[word] = d[word] + 1
d[word] = 1
for key in list(d.keys()):
print(key, ":", d[key])

Print the line number next to each line in the file

FileName = "file1.txt"f  = open(FileName,"r")
fileContent =
number_of_lines = 0line_by_line = fileContent.split("\n")
number_of_lines = len(line_by_line)
print("The number of lines in the file are : ")
newContents = ""lineIndex = 1for line in line_by_line:
newContents = newContents + "Line #" +str(lineIndex) + ": " + line + "\n"
fNewFile = open("NumberedFile-" + FileName,"w")fNewFile.write(newContents)print("File has been created successfully")

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